Techsmith Snagit: The Ultimate Screenshot Taking and Editing Tool

Snagit empowers you to easily capture, edit, and share screenshots and videos, making it the perfect tool for creating clear and captivating visuals for presentations, tutorials, training materials, and more.



Screenshots with visual presentation speak louder in the reader or viewer's mind. I will help you enhance your visual presentation with screenshots using TechSmith Snagit.


If you are troubled and worried by questions like 'How to take a screenshot in Windows' or 'How can I record my Windows screen' on the internet. But trust me, you will have the superpower to take screenshots and edit them in a way that will put your impression on a different level.


So, hold your seats tight and stay with me throughout the article, I will teach you how you can take screenshots on your Windows and present them like a professional.


This article will help you improve your screenshot presentation using the Windows operating system. Although TechSmith Snagit is also available for almost every operating system, for this tutorial I will be using Windows OS.


What is TechSmith Snagit?


TechSmith Snagit is the screen capture and recording software, that can help you display your screenshots and screen recordings in a clear manner. Using Snagit you can better communicate with your audience by presenting your screenshots and screen recordings.


TechSmith Snagit allows you to share the captured screen to different apps that you use daily so that you don't have to get frustrated having to upload screenshots to different apps while sharing directly.


The screenshot below defines various apps where you can share the captured screen directly.



Snagit is the most famous software for screen capture, it is being used by 40+ million users and the company claims that more than 4.2 billion screens have been captured by Snagit.


So, now you can understand how powerful Snagit is.


This was a brief introduction to the screen-capturing tool TechSmith Snagit, let's dive deeper into Snagit.


How to download TechSmith Snagit 2024?


TechSmith Snagit 2024 is the latest version. But before you download Snagit 2024, let me clarify that it is a paid tool but you can still download the full-featured trial version. TechSmith is offering a 15-day full-featured trial of Snagit. You can pay for Snagit if you find it useful.


The price of Snagit is shown in the screenshot below, it is in Indian Rupees (INR), you can check the pricing in your currency, by clicking on this link.


You can download the TechSmith Snagit 2024 trial version by clicking on this link. This will take you to this page.



Just click on the download button, and it will start downloading Snagit 2024. Please note that it will never ask for credit card details. No credit card is required to download TechSmith Snagit.


How to take screenshots on Windows using Snagit


After successfully downloading and installing TechSmith Snagit 2024, you are now ready to take screenshots and record your computer screen.


1. Press the Start button on your keyboard and type 'Snagit', and open Snagit

2. It will open like this, asking you to capture



3. When you click on the 'Capture' button, it will ask you to select an area of the screen



In the above screenshot, I am showing you that to take the screenshot it asks you to select your screen area. Also, I am highlighting some areas in this screenshot because I want to show you that it also offers a magnifying feature where your point will start selecting the screen area.


4. Select screen area


Now you can explore more settings, effects and tools. Play around Snagit you will find more features than you expected that can help you become a pro in screen capturing.


In the following screenshots, I will show you how you can apply different effects to your screenshots. I am not writing every feature here because if I describe every feature here it will be a very long article.


In addition, you can add different shapes, icons, images, highlight texts, objects, etc. The main feature I love the most is the magnifier. You can add a magnifier to your screenshot to zoom in on objects, icons, or anything else.


You can customize Snagit's settings to your convenience, allowing you to access it easily through shortcut keys on your keyboard.




In this article, I guide you through the process of capturing screenshots on your Windows computer using TechSmith Snagit. Snagit enables you to present your screenshots professionally, making a powerful impression on your audience. Thoughtfully crafted screenshots contribute to clear communication and effective presentation.


I hope you find this article helpful. If you do, please consider sharing it with your friends, enabling them to become proficient at capturing screenshots and recording their screens. 


Thank you for staying with me throughout this article.


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