How to Zoom In and Out of Your Screen in Windows 10

Zoom in and out of your screen in Windows 10 to adjust the resolution and see everything better. Learn how to quickly and easily magnify your screen.



It's frustrating to see a screen that's too big, and sometimes objects are too small. Dealing with a screen that's either too big or too small can be tough. 


Screen resolution can sometimes cause eye problems and lead to severe headaches, so it needs to be addressed.


I understand the problem. 


I'll help you change your screen resolution on Windows 10 so you can use your computer better.



If your screen looks like the picture above, there might be a problem with your screen resolution.


Even if icons and text appear smaller than the regular size, it could be due to issues with your computer resolution and zoom settings. Allow me to assist you in resolving this problem.


Grab your cup of coffee and stick with me as we navigate through this article. Together, we'll guide you in fixing your screen resolution and zoom level.

How to fix screen resolution on Windows 10?


Fixing the screen resolution on Windows 10 is straightforward and speedy; you only need to make a few adjustments in your settings.


While various computers may have different resolutions, a common standard is 1920x1080. Windows offers the flexibility to easily customize your screen resolution according to your preferences.


To adjust your desktop screen resolution, follow these simple steps:


  1. Right-click on desktop


Now, locate the "Display resolution" drop-down menu; simply open it.



It will display a list of screen resolutions. Experiment with different resolutions until you find the one that suits your screen preferences.

  1. Choose the best screen resolution



When you select a screen resolution, it will provide a preview of how your screen will appear. It will also prompt you to either apply or revert the changes.


Feel free to experiment until you find the screen resolution that suits you best. Once you discover the optimal setting, your computer experience will be enhanced.


How to Zoom In and Out on Your Computer Screen


This Windows feature proves to be exceptionally beneficial, allowing you to tailor the size of text, icons, and other on-screen elements according to your preference.


Moreover, you can select distinct zoom levels corresponding to various screen resolutions.


Windows provides the flexibility to choose specific percentages, enabling you to view objects and text either larger or smaller based on your needs.


1. Right-click on desktop



Now, look at the menu under "Scale and Layout." You'll find different zoom levels there. Just pick the one that works best for you.

2. Pick the zoom level


Windows also suggests the optimal zoom size for your desktop computer. It's a good idea to follow that recommendation, but you can still choose a different zoom level that suits you better.



In this article, I have guided you through the process of adjusting the screen resolution and utilizing the zoom-in and out features on your Windows computer.


I hope this assistance has enabled you to successfully configure your screen size and zoom level.


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Thank you for accompanying me throughout this article.

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